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Jun 13, 2024 4:42:54 PM2 min read

A New Era in Maritime Security


SEAGULL Surveillance represents a significant leap forward in maritime security technology. Designed to address the complex challenges of modern maritime security, SEAGULL combines advanced artificial intelligence (AI) with high-resolution video streaming to offer unprecedented surveillance capabilities. This innovative solution is engineered to function stand-alone or to complement existing AIS and Radar systems, filling the gaps left by these traditional technologies and providing a more comprehensive security framework for maritime operations.



At the heart of SEAGULL Surveillance is its ability to analyze live video feeds in real-time, utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms. This process involves several key steps:

1. Data collection: SEAGULL captures high-definition video streams from a network of cameras stationed around critical maritime areas.

2. Image processing: The AI algorithms process the incoming video streams, identifying vessels. This processing includes detecting small or low-profile boats that might go unnoticed by traditional radar, as well as their speed and sailing direction.

3. Behavior analysis: Beyond mere detection, SEAGULL’s AI examines the behavior of each vessel, looking for patterns or activities that suggest illicit actions, such as illegal entry, or speeding.

4. Alert generation: When suspicious activity is detected, SEAGULL automatically generates alerts that can be send to port security personnel, a third party control room, or to law enforcement agencies, providing them with real-time information and visual evidence to assess and respond to potential threats faster then ever before.


This AI-driven approach allows SEAGULL to offer a level of vigilance and precision that is simply not possible with conventional surveillance systems alone.


SEAGULL Surveillance offers several key advantages over traditional AIS and Radar systems, addressing their inherent limitations and significantly enhancing maritime security capabilities:

• Enhanced detection capabilities: With its high-resolution video analysis, SEAGULL can detect vessels of all sizes, including those attempting to evade detection by disabling AIS transponders or using stealthy navigation techniques.

• Accurate detection and classification: SEAGULL provides visual confirmation of vessel activities, allowing security personnel to quickly differentiate between legitimate and suspicious behavior. This capability is crucial for effective enforcement and response actions.

• Comprehensive coverage: SEAGULL’s network of cameras can monitor vast areas, including those beyond the range of radar or where AIS coverage is spotty or nonexistent. This ensures a more consistent and reliable surveillance presence.

• Real-time monitoring and response: The immediacy of SEAGULL’s alerts enables faster decision-making and response to potential threats, reducing the risk of illicit activities going undetected or unchallenged.

• Integration with existing systems: SEAGULL is designed to work in concert with AIS and Radar, creating a layered surveillance system that leverages the strengths of each technology to provide a unified security solution.

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