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Made on the waterfront

Our office is located in the Port of Amsterdam



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Moermanskkade 600  |  1013 BC Amsterdam  |  The Netherlands
+31 (0) 6 222 313 06  |  info@seagullsurveillance.com


SEAGULL is a Digital Inspector created by BrainCreators. BrainCreators is Europe’s leading specialist in digital inspectors, deployable for the automatic inspection of spaces, objects, and surfaces. Digital inspectors are software-as-a-service solutions that make inspection work faster, cheaper, consistent, and safer. Digital inspectors also help companies struggling to meet demand because of the skills gap and engineering workforce shortage. Each digital inspector clones the knowledge of a human expert and makes its application endlessly scalable. Learn more about BrainCreators and its solutions at: www.braincreators.com, LinkedIn and Facebook