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See what you're missing

Automated 24/7 visual monitoring registers all activity on and around waterways



Waterways are vulnerable to crime

Harbors, ports, and waterways are often critical points of entry and exit for goods and people, making them vulnerable to crime. Vessels can often enter and exit without being seen when continuous monitoring is unavailable. Mainly pleasure crafts are used for theft, smuggling, and illegal immigration. In addition, a lack of registration makes them an ideal target for unlawful activities. 

Criminals avoid security by:

  • Turning off AIS
    Creating a data collection gap to make registration inconsistent
  • Changing appearance
    Changing vessel name, ID, or color
  • Entering or exiting at night
    Abusing security downtime to enter and exit unnoticed by security
  • Taking unusual routes
    Leveraging unguarded areas
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SEAGULL shows the big picture

Independent automated registration of all movements on and around waterways

Setup SEAGULL to monitor entries, exits, coastlines, and locks

Define suspicious activities and trigger alarms when incidents happen

Review all activities and leverage data to connect to security systems and authorities

"Previously, our operators had to register all ships manually. We, therefore, needed a robust system to monitor our port, and with SEAGULL, we have achieved this. Thanks to SEAGULL, we are taking a future-proof and innovative step, allowing us to observe and register the entry and exit of all types of vessels more efficiently, save costs, and better identify risks."
Cees Duvekot Port Authority and head of Traffic, Harbourmaster of The Hague, The Netherlands

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From € 750,-/month
24/7 uninterrupted monitoring
Using existing camera infrastructure
Automatic recognition of vessel types
Insightful dashboard
Velocity measurement
Anonymised data storage

Never miss a suspicious move again.

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Seagull surveillance ship recognition

We keep it simple

SEAGULL is a cloud-based software product. Installation and operation are highly intuitive.  

Choose existing or install new cameras SEAGULL works with any installed camera that overviews an area at a diagonal angle from an elevated position.
Enter the IP address of the cameras Open up the configuration screen of Seagull and connect to your camera(s) by entering their IP address(es)
Define your areas of interest Drag a box over the area you want to monitor, such as an area on the water or a shoreline of interest.
Define alerts for suspicious acts Set speed limits or time windows per vessel type to receive alerts when incidents occur.
That's all you need to do before SEAGULL monitors your selected areas.