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You don't know what you're missing

Automated 24/7 registration of all activity on the water



Can you register everything?

Ports and waterways are critical routes for goods and people. Registration of all traffic is essential for safety and against crime. Ships can sail in and out unseen when there is no permanent supervision. Pleasure crafts, in particular, usually remain unseen, while this category is regularly involved in incidents and is used for illegal activities.

You may be missing:

  • Disabled AIS
    The AIS system on board professional shipping can be temporarily deactivated
  • Identification Features
    Difficult to see custom features such as name, ID, or color of a vessel
  • Night traffic
    In poor lighting, it becomes difficult to recognize smaller vessels, especially from a distance
  • Attention
    It is impossible for humans, but certainly also for sensor-based systems, to register everything
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SEAGULL shows the big picture

by using video cameras that survey an area from above and reliable artificial intelligence to automatically recognize all visible vessels

Let SEAGULL monitor shipping lanes, estuaries, coastlines, lakes, locks, and bridges


Configure when an alarm should be issued based on, for example, speed, type, and time.


Quickly look up incidents, or analyze trends and view the traffic density per connected camera.

"Previously, our operators had to register all ships manually. We, therefore, needed a robust system to monitor our port, and with SEAGULL, we have achieved this. Thanks to SEAGULL, we are taking a future-proof and innovative step, allowing us to observe and register the entry and exit of all types of vessels more efficiently, save costs, and better identify risks."
Cees DuvekotPort Authority and head of Traffic, Harbourmaster of The Hague, The Netherlands

We make it simple

SEAGULL is a cloud solution. No installation is required, and you can use existing camera setups. 

Choose existing or install new camerasSEAGULL works with any camera that surveys an area at a diagonal angle from an elevated position.
Enter the IP address of the camerasOpen up the configuration screen of Seagull and connect to your camera(s) by entering their IP address(es)
Define your areas of interestDrag a box over the area you want to monitor, such as an area on the water or a shoreline of interest.
Define alerts for suspicious actsSet speed limits or time windows per vessel type to receive alerts when incidents occur.

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24/7 automated registration
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Connect up to 5 cameras yourself.

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