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Never blink
an eye.

SEAGULL Surveillance is dedicated smart software for the security of ports. It automatically detects and classifies all vessels, and forwards potential risks to security personnel in real-time, ensuring the quickest response possible.

Challenges in Port Security
Ports and harbors are crucial to global trade and transportation, vital in maintaining a functioning society, as they facilitate the movement of approximately 90% of the world’s goods. They demand increased surveillance efforts to safeguard against an extensive array of security risks and illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal fishing, and unauthorized access.


Although AIS and Radar systems are indispensable for maritime navigation and basic surveillance, their limitations in addressing contemporary security challenges are increasingly evident: they leave significant gaps that are exploited by those engaging in illicit activities. Hence the existence of so-called dark vessels. 

Inefficient control rooms

There is a serious problem too with the human element in monitoring and response: research indicates that the optimal concentration span for a CCTV operator ranges between 20 to 30 minutes. Beyond this threshold, the operator’s ability to maintain focus and detect anomalies declines exponentially. This decline in vigilance has far-reaching consequences.

On top of that, as the number of surveillance cameras grows, the ability of operators to effectively monitor each feed diminishes even further, increasing the risk of missing critical incidents.

The people responsible for port security must take decisive action

READ: Socio-economic impact Criminal activities in ports, harbors and marinas have significant socio-economic impacts on societies worldwide. These impacts can be broad and varied, affecting not just the immediate area of the port but also the global economy and social fabric in multiple ways.

  • Economic Costs
    Criminal activities such as smuggling, theft, and corruption result in the loss of revenue for governments due to tax evasion and smuggling.
  • Security and Safety Risks
    Organized crime poses direct threats to the safety and security of port workers and local communities. Also, trafficking of illegal arms and drugs contribute to violence and instability in regions around the world. 
  • Public Health Risks
    Ports can be entry points for the illegal trafficking of drugs and counterfeit medicines, which can have severe public health implications.
  • Environmental Impact
    Illegal activities such as the dumping of toxic waste and illegal fishing have direct environmental impacts, leading to the degradation of marine ecosystems, affecting biodiversity and the livelihoods of communities dependent on marine resources.
  • Societal Impact and Corruption
    Organized crime and corruption in ports undermine the rule of law and governance, eroding public trust in institutions. This can have a destabilizing effect on societies, leading to broader social and economic issues.
  • Impact on Global Trade and Economy
    Undermining the efficiency and reliability of global supply chains, criminal activities destabilize global trade and economy.

SEAGULL Surveillance
helps to combat the impacts of criminal activities in ports with smart, enhanced security measures. Its classification features and automated logbook can help improving local and international cooperation and intelligence sharing.


By automatically detecting vessels 24/7 and providing detailed visual information that AIS and Radar might miss, SEAGULL Surveillance marks the beginning of a revolutionary phase in maritime security.

SEAGULL Surveillance eliminates human errors by constantly monitoring all camera feeds automatically with the use of Artificial Intelligence, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed. Our software does not blink.

  • 24/7 automated surveillance of your most critical areas, such as port entries.
  • Fills the gaps left by AIS and Radar systems, reduces the amount of dark vessels.
  • Alerts operators to potential threats as they occur, allowing them to respond to incidents faster.
  • Automatically logs all collected data in a dashboard with reporting capabilities.
  • Allows for scaling up security efforts without the need to expand the workforce.


Seagull in action

Scheveningen harbor, The Hague, Netherlands

“Previously, our operators had to log all ships manually. We, therefore, needed a robust system to monitor our port, and with SEAGULL, we have achieved this. Thanks to SEAGULL, we are taking a future-proof and innovative step, allowing us to observe and log the entry and exit of all types of vessels more efficiently, save costs, and better identify risks.” 

Cees Duvekot, Port Authority and head of Traffic, (State) Harbourmaster of The Hague.


A smart


By integrating SEAGULL into your surveillance systems, you can realize significant cost savings in several key areas:

  • Less standstill
    With SEAGULL’s real-time alert features, the time it takes to respond to incidents is dramatically reduced, leading to limited cessation of activity.
  • Decreased need for continuous human monitoring 
    Less staff required to manage security operations, directly reducing labor costs.
  • Optimizing workforce utilization
    Staff can be redirected to perform higher-value tasks or respond to incidents.
  • Adaptability to growing needs
    Cover more areas without a proportional increase in surveillance staff.

SEAGULL represents a smart investment, offering substantial cost savings through reduced labor expenses, enhanced operational efficiency, and preventive security measures. Its scalability further ensures that as needs evolve, the system can adapt accordingly, providing long-term financial benefits and contributing to a secure, efficient operational environment.

Get started
quickly and easily.


  • Number of cameras
    A thorough assessment of your port’s or harbor’s current security posture and the identification of areas where SEAGULL Surveillance can fill gaps or enhance coverage, will determine the amount of camera connections needed.

  • Infrastructure evaluation
    We will then evaluate the existing infrastructure to determine the requirements for integrating SEAGULL Surveillance, including network capabilities and camera placement.

  • Connect and calibrate 
    Once the necessary hardware is in place SEAGULL can be activated simply by entering the camera RTSP stream in the setup. After calibrating camera angles and mapping SEAGULL is ready and your enhanced surveillance begins. 

  • Surveil and collaborate
    You may then integrate SEAGULL Surveillance with existing security protocols and systems, ensuring seamless operation and data sharing.

Activate SEAGULL on
your existing cameras.

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