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Europort 2023

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Automated vessel monitoring for ports, harbors, coasts, bridges, locks and waterways.

Seagull directs your attention to what matters most. By automatically detecting, recognizing, and registering vessels, SEAGULL advances the safety of maritime domains. Unlike traditional maritime surveillance systems, SEAGULL uses video registration, which can be used in conjunction with AIS and radar detection or, as a standalone solution.

Trusted by:

Port of Rotterdam
Scheveningen Haven
Maritime domain surveillance.

‘Nothing goes unseen with our 
award winning technology at an 
unbelievable price.’

Monitor maritime activity.
Vessel monitoring and recognition.

SEAGULL is revolutionizing maritime domain surveillance with the help of advanced software powered by artificial intelligence. With accurate data collection and real-time alerts, human operators can perform at their best and never miss any maritime activity that requires immediate attention.

Broadly applicable to maritime security.

Monitoring ports, harbors and marinas.       PORTS & HARBORS

Enhance security by detecting unauthorized access, trespassing, and suspicious behavior. SEAGULL helps harbormasters and law enforcement agencies to quickly respond to security breaches and take appropriate action.

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Monitoring bridges and locks.       BRIDGES & LOCKS

SEAGULL provides bridge- and lock operators with the ability to accurately predict and respond to traffic patterns. Our software also proactively alerts operators when a boat exceeds the speed limit.

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Monitoring waterways.       WATERWAYS

SEAGULL benefits waterway operators by providing comprehensive monitoring and enhanced situational awareness to ensure the safety of maritime traffic.

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Securing coastlines.       COASTLINES

Enhance coastal security by monitoring large stretches of coastline, detecting and identifying potential threats. SEAGULL provides real-time maritime domain awareness, allowing law enforcement agencies to intervene swiftly and effectively. 

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‘Imagine being able to automatically recognize ship types in real-time video streams, measure their speed and heading, and effortlessly keep a detailed logbook with images and video footage to generate activity and incident reports.’

That is SEAGULL.

Automated detection and recognition
Real-time custom alerts
Easily recognize trends
Reporting capabilities
Comprehensive logbook

Did you know SEAGULL can be activated on any existing IP camera?

Starting at only
499 p/m
$.549 p/m    |   £.429 p/m

Unlike existing solutions that leave gaps in overall registration, our software ensures that no activity goes unnoticed. With its 24/7 monitoring capabilities, SEAGULL Surveillance keeps a vigilant eye on your waterways and promptly alerts you in real-time of any incidents or anomalies.


Overcome the limitations of human monitoring and contact us today to learn more about SEAGULL Surveillance and how it can revolutionize  your waterway surveillance.