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Nothing goes undetected.

24/7 automated surveillance of your
most critical areas.

Maintain control in your control center.

Research shows that the best concentration span for a CCTV operator is between 20 to 30 minutes. After this time, the operator's ability to stay focused and detect anomalies decreases rapidly.

SEAGULL monitors everything 24/7. Nothing goes unnoticed. Unusual vessel behavior triggers alerts for operators and partner responders.

Control Room

SEAGULL Surveillance utilizes AI technology in the background to automate detection and response workflows, augmenting the monitoring capability of control centers.

How SEAGULL works.

SEAGULL Surveillance utilizes AI technology to autonomously handle and resolve repetitive waterside surveillance tasks.

These tasks may involve monitoring security alerts, identifying and addressing threats, handling vulnerabilities, and ensuring adherence to security and safety policies and regulations.


"The Port of Rotterdam is a crucial hub for global trade, supporting economies and linking markets. Embracing new surveillance technologies like SEAGULL Surveillance is vital to secure its operations, maintain efficiency, and ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods worldwide."

Glenn Brouwer, CRO Seagull Surveillance

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