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The ultimate solution for ports, harbors and marinas worldwide.

Ensuring the safety and security of ports, harbors, and marinas has become an international imperative in today's interconnected world. The need to combat illegal activity, along with the challenges posed by speeding and unauthorized vessel access, demands a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution. This is where SEAGULL, our revolutionary software, steps in to redefine maritime domain awareness.

Safe ports, harbors and marinas.

SEAGULL leverages the power of artificial intelligence and live video feeds to provide unparalleled surveillance over maritime activities. Acting as an extra set of sharp eyes and an intelligent brain, SEAGULL becomes a dedicated guardian, tirelessly safeguarding port environment.

Real-time data

By automatically analyzing real-time video feeds, our state-of-the-art AI technology accurately detects and recognizes vessels entering and exiting ports, harbors, and marinas. Armed with this information, SEAGULL captures critical data on each vessel's speed and sailing direction, leaving no movement unnoticed.

The value of such comprehensive real-time data cannot be overstated. Harbormasters and law enforcement agencies gain an unprecedented edge in monitoring and managing maritime activities. SEAGULL logs every piece of information, including images and video footage, creating a detailed and easily accessible logbook. This valuable resource empowers users to identify patterns, understand trends, and make informed decisions regarding harbor operations.

Easily adapted.

Complement AIS and Radar systems.

While it perfectly complements existing radar and AIS systems, SEAGULL can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution. This flexibility ensures that ports, harbors, and marinas of all sizes can benefit from the effective capabilities of SEAGULL, regardless of their current infrastructure.

Repsond swifly to emerging threats.

Proactive risk

The custom alarm feature of SEAGULL is a game-changer. Immediate notifications are sent to users whenever potential risks or anomalies are detected. This proactive approach allows authorities to respond swiftly to any emerging threats, preventing potential incidents and enhancing overall safety.

Augmenting human capabilities.

The human element is a critical part of any security system, but we recognize that even the most vigilant operators may face limitations. Studies have shown that after approximately 20 minutes of continuous monitoring, operators may miss up to 90% of activities. SEAGULL addresses this challenge by augmenting human capabilities with its AI-powered system. By automating data analysis and continuously monitoring the water, SEAGULL ensures that operators never miss a suspicious situation, maintaining an unwavering watchful eye on maritime traffic.

Port security.

Activate SEAGULL on any existing IP camera.

Starting at only
499 p/m
$.549 p/m    |   £.429 p/m

In an era where maritime security is more crucial than ever, SEAGULL emerges as the ultimate solution for ports, harbors, and marinas worldwide. Embrace the future of maritime security with SEAGULL and ensure a safer, more secure tomorrow.


Overcome the limitations of human monitoring and contact us today to learn more about Seagull Surveillance and how it can revolutionize port and harbor surveillance.